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Alberto Fujimori Quotes

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

“In the first hours of this new chapter of my life, I am filled with dreams I wanted to share… I dream of a Peru without bitterness in which we all work toward a higher goal.” – Alberto Fujimori, Japan Times, 7 January 2018.

“We’ll be in a country in which security is regained and violence eliminated… We can only achieve these goals by setting aside special interests and opportunism. I’m constantly invaded by dreams and want to share them.” – Alberto Fujimori, BBC News, 7 January 2018.

“I have disappointed some compatriots. I ask them for forgiveness with all my heart.” – Alberto Fujimori, ABC News, 5 January 2018.

“My deep gratitude for the complex step taken by the President commits me to strongly support his call to reconciliation [thanking Pedro Pablo Kuczynski from the intensive care unit of the Centenario clinic].” – Alberto Fujimori, Telesur TV, 4 January 2018.

“I am aware that the results of my government were well received on one side, but I admit that I have let down other compatriots, and I ask them to forgive me with all my heart.” – Alberto Fujimori, Deustche Welle, 26 December 2017.