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Ayelet Shaked Quotes

Ayelet Shaked Quotes demanding Dina Zilber’s dismissal

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2018)

Knesset Member and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked demanded Dina Zilber’s dismissal over the Deputy Attorney General’s criticisms of the Loyalty in Culture bill.

Below are some of Ayelet Shaked’s quotes on the matter.

“Starting today, Mrs. Dina Zilber no longer represents my positions, the positions of my ministry, or the positions of the government in government discussions, at one of its committees or at one of the Knesset’s committees.” – Ayelet Shaked, Ynet News, 6 November 2018

“She is no longer permitted to appear in front of the government or the Knesset as a representative of the ministry.” – Ayelet Shaked, Ynet News, 6 November 2018

“Zilber has made a series of extremist and defiant statements against members of Knesset and government ministers.” – Ayelet Shaked, Ynet News, 6 November 2018

“It is clear from Zilber’s repeat actions that she does not wish to act in accordance with the Civil Service Regulations, the instructions of the attorney general, or any other basic rule of good governance that should be obvious even without having to be put in writing. It is clear she does not wish to act as a legal advisor in a professional and honest manner.” – Ayelet Shaked, Ynet News, 6 November 2018

“The Attorney General or someone on his behalf can come and present an opposing legal position, but not political positions.” – Ayelet Shaked, Arutz Sheva, 7 November 2018

“If a senior public official wants to enter into political issues, he should resign and join one of the parties or an NGO. It cannot be done as part of the advisory function to the government.” – Ayelet Shaked, World Israel News, 7 November 2018

“There’s an argument about the Attorney General’s powers. We are divided on the matter of Dina Zilber. The bottom line is that right now she is not attending the Knesset and government until the Attorney General finishes investigating her, which is the bottom line and that’s what matters.” – Ayelet Shaked, Arutz Sheva, 7 November 2018