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Bathabile Dlamini Quotes

Bathabile Dlamini Quotes on Banyana Banyana women’s soccer team

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2018)

Minister of women Bathabile Dlamini congratulated Banyana Banyana for qualifying for the FIFA Women’s World Cup, calling for more media exposure to be focused on the South African women’s soccer team.

Below are some of Bathabile Dlamini’s quotes on the matter.

“What is most striking is that Banyana Banyana have achieved much with less resources than their male counterparts, and with less exposure. It is totally unacceptable that, despite their achievements and responsibilities, Banyana Banyana are paid less than Bafana Bafana.” – Bathabile Dlamini, South African Government News Agency, 28 November 2018

“This is a reflection of the patriarchal nature of our society. In all areas of social, political and economic life, women still have to work twice harder, and often longer, than men. Yet men often are rewarded more, even when they do less. We urge broadcasters and media to boost their coverage of Banyana games.” – Bathabile Dlamini, My Broadband, 28 November 2018