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Bheki Cele Quotes

Bheki Cele Quotes on the promotion of officers

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2018)

The South African Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, has claimed that over 50 000 officers will be promoted within the next  three years.

Below are some of Bheki Cele’s quotes on the matter.

“In three years, they would all have been finalized and thereafter go into a normal cycle of promotion. We’ll try hard not to have this kind of situation where people are stagnant and don’t grow.” – Bheki Cele, TimesLive, 6 December 2018

“We are pleased to announce the grade progression of members in the service. There will be a regrading of certain categories, which will increase the number of people promoted.” – Bheki Cele, TimesLive, 6 December 2018

“Joining SAPS should be seen and promoted as a career of choice. We are calling on the management to follow due process during the promotions and ensure deserving members are promoted in the near future.” – Bheki Cele, TimesLive, 6 December 2018

“On the budget implications, if you look at the announcement it was said we will be looking at other items [to cut].” – Bheki Cele, IOL, 7 December 2018

“Some matters will be delayed and some will be scaled down.” – Bheki Cele, IOL, 6 December 2018

“The fact that it is announced now means the policy statement has been achieved.” – Bheki Cele, IOL, 6 December 2018