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David Makhura Quotes

David Makhura Quotes on possibly scrapping e-tolls

(Last Updated On: December 7, 2018)

This year, ANC member and Gauteng Premier David Makhura has been speaking about possibly scrapping e-tolls, recently responding to a protest which was put together by the DA, claiming that the Premier has not put enough effort in to tackle this issue.

Below are some of David Makhura’s quotes on the matter.

“…one of the key issues that remain unresolved is the funding of the debt incurred during the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Plan. The people of Gauteng do not like the e-Tolls system.” – David Makhura, ANC GPL Caucus, 30 November 2018

“It is for this reason that we have now referred this matter to the President for a final determination on alternative options of settling the debt. I am confident that a solution will be found. Once the debt is settled, we will be able to maintain our roads without the e-toll system.” – David Makhura, ANC GPL Caucus, 30 November 2018

“There are other ways of building, maintaining and upgrading roads. For instance, the Gauteng government has been able to upgrade and rehabilitate our provincial road network of more than 5000 km that have no e-tolls. We can and will find alternative ways of expanding and maintaining our road network without e-tolls. E-tolls have no future in Gauteng.” – David Makhura, ANC GPL Caucus, 30 November 2018

“They [The DA] are using the e-tolls for their elections campaign. I am engaged in discussions with President Cyril Ramaphosa to scrap the e-tolls. I made a persuasive call to him. He understands that these e-tolls are burdensome to the working class owning cars and middle class.”  – David Makhura, IOL, 5 December 2o18