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Édouard Philippe Quotes

Édouard Philippe Quotes on suspending the fuel tax hike

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2018)

Following the ‘yellow vest’ protests, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced the government’s decision to suspend the rise of fuel taxes.

Below are some of Édouard Philippe’s quotes on the matter.

“The government is ready for dialogue and is showing it because this tax increase has been dropped from the 2019 budget bill.” – Édouard Philippe, Reuters, 5 December 2018

“The French who have donned yellow vests want taxes to drop, and work to pay. That’s also what we want. If I didn’t manage to explain it, if the ruling majority didn’t manage to convince the French, then something must change.” – Édouard Philippe, BBC, 4 December 2018

“No tax merits putting the unity of the nation in danger.” – Édouard Philippe, BBC, 4 December 2018

“If there is another day of protests, it must be declared in advance and must take place calmly.” – Édouard Philippe, BBC, 4 December 2018