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Emmanuel Macron Quotes

Emmanuel Macron Quotes on New Caledonia’s rejection of independence

(Last Updated On: November 5, 2018)

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed “immense pride” regarding New Caledonia’s referendum, which saw the Islanders as a majority, reject the proposed independence from the Western European country.

Below are some of Emmanuel Macron’s quotes on the matter.

“I must express firstly my immense pride that we have taken this historic step together.” – Emmanuel Macron, The Times of Israel, 4 November 2018

“The New Caledonians have chosen to remain French…It is a vote of confidence in the French Republic, its future and its values.” – Emmanuel Macron, RTÉ, 4 November 2018

“The only loser is the temptation of contempt, division, violence and fear; the only winner is the process of peace and the spirit of dialogue.” – Emmanuel Macron, RTÉ, 4 November 2018