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George Weah Quotes

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

“I want for us to be self-sustained so we can export. … The government has a responsibility to have agricultural programs so people are able to grow their own food. … Ghana exports, our neighboring countries export – we have the capacity to export. … They export and we can do the same.” – George Weah, Reuters, 2 January 2018.

“The roads for connectivity are vital. We have partners and we have revenue that we will make sure will come in to build our roads. … We will have economists who will put us on track. They will look at what is in the coffers and then work out how to move forward.” – George Weah, Reuters, 2 January 2018.

“I don’t want my title to define my character…I don’t think as a president I will change.” –  George Weah, Reuters, 2 January 2018.

“I’m a technical person, I will not read or write for you the best speeches, but I will make for you the best decisions to develop Liberia.” – George Weah, Front Page Africa Online, 2 January 2018.

“I know one day Liberians will get tired with me so I want to leave a big mark before that time. … Liberia is 170 years old, it’s not because of me Liberia is like this, maybe because of me Liberia will be better.” – George Weah, Front Page Africa Online, 2 January 2018.

“I can truly say that the best way to celebrate all Liberians is to improve their lives through the instruments of pro-poor public governance. I declare publicly today that transforming the lives of all Liberians is a singular mission and focus of my presidency.” – George Weah, Front Page Africa Online, 2 January 2018.

“I will not encourage a corrupt government, when you are corrupt you will have a problem and you will not be circulated.” – George Weah, Front Page Africa Online, 2 January 2018.

“Many people described my partisans as hooligans but today our partisans have transformed because they listen to me. And I let them know that you have to be respectful and you have to respect authority. … Your behavior can lead you to higher heights. I grew up with my grandmother in a Christian environment, and I left Liberia as a young man and made life better because I was humble.” – George Weah, Front Page Africa Online, 2 January 2018.

“Two days ago the world saw me cry, not because I won, but for the lives of partisans who lost their lives in the struggle for change.”  George Weah, Spokesman, 31 December 2017.

“To investors, we say Liberia is open and ready for business.” – George Weah, Spokesman, 31 December 2017.

“Those looking to cheat the Liberian people through corruption will have no place.” – George Weah, Spokesman, 31 December 2017.

“My fellow Liberians, I deeply feel the emotion of all the nation. I measure the importance and the responsibility of the immense task which I embrace today. Change is on.” – George Weah, BBC News, 29 December 2017.

“The Liberian people clearly made their choice… and all together we are very confident in the result of the electoral process.” – George Weah, eNCA, 29 December 2017.

“I am deeply grateful to my family, my friends, and my loyal supporters who contributed to our campaign during this extremely long election season.” – George Weah, Financial Gazette, 27 December 2017. 

“I am very proud to be Liberian. I love the country and I love the people. … Of course I would have liked to have played at the World Cup, but I achieved so much in my career as a footballer that I can’t have any complaints. The only thing that is disappointing is that so many other Lone Star players never got to play at the World Cup and did not have the personal success I had.” – George Weah, Liberian Observer, 27 December 2017.

“When I started out, my dream was to play professional football. … That was my dream. I did not dream of winning the Ballon d’Or or FIFA Player of the Year award. I wanted to play professionally and achieve as much as I could. … It was really about the love for the game. But then of course winning the awards was very special. I think it was recognition for all the work that I put in during my career. And I was particularly proud because I think it was important for my country. They celebrated with me and it put Liberia on the map.” – George Weah, Liberian Observer, 27 December 2017.

“Whatever you do in life, you have to do it with commitment and perseverance. … That was my approach on the football field and that is my approach now in politics. I am committed to helping my people and my country, just as much as I was committed to helping my team when I was a player.” – George Weah, Liberian Observer, 27 December 2017.

“I will always be involved in sport, and I am the chair of the Sports Commission. Sport is so important to people. It can help people. I am where I am today because of football, and if I can give back something to the people of Liberia, then I want to do that.” – George Weah, Liberian Observer, 27 December 2017.