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Klaus Iohannis Quotes

Klaus Iohannis Quotes on the suggestion to limit citizen’s working abroad

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2018)

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis vehemently disagreed with Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici’s suggestion that the government should limit citizen’s abilities to work and live abroad in order to prevent Western Europe becoming wealthier whilst Eastern Europe becomes poorer.

Below are some of Klaus Iohannis’s quotes on the matter.

“I hope that I do not use an inappropriate phrase. When I read that news, so to speak, I was stunned by the suggestion of a remarkable PSD member to seize the Romanians inside the country's borders. Something like that happened only in the communist era. Such an approach is extremely inappropriate and it worries me a great deal. If this is what the PSD wants – to give an amnesty and pardoning law to escape offender Dragnea from prison and to pass laws to keep Romanians forcefully inside the borders, that is to cancel a right that we all fought for decades – then I can only say that this governance, this PSD approach is anti-Romanian.” – Klaus Iohannis, Romaniapress, 29 November 2018

“In any normal country, a minister who makes such statements and does not have political backing leaves office the second day. The fact that he did not leave me shows that this is an approach agreed by PSD, and this upsets me very much and I think millions of Romanians are upset by it. How can PSD imagine that the right to free movement and the hard-earned right to work of Romanians can be canceled just because a party wants some solutions totally out of line with the European patterns?” – Klaus Iohannis, Nine O’ Clock, 29 November 2018