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Nancy Pelosi Quotes

Nancy Pelosi Quotes on investigating an unimpressed Trump

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2018)

Disregarding threats of retaliation from the President, the US House of Representative’s top Democrat Nancy Pelosi promised a higher level of scrutiny with regards to Donald Trump.

Below are some of Nancy Pelosi’s quotes on the matter.

“We have a constitutional responsibility for oversight.” – Nancy Pelosi, DNA India, 7 November 2018

“This doesn’t mean we go looking for a fight. But it means that if we see a need to go forward, we will.” – Nancy Pelosi, The Straits Times, 7 November 2018

“But you can be sure of one thing: When we go down any of these paths, we’ll know what we’re doing and we’ll do it right.” – Nancy Pelosi, DNA India, 7 November 2018