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Pavel Filip Quotes

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

“All evaluations and the perspective are positive. Moldova is prepared for more investments, both on behalf of the native capital and the foreign one. There are all reasons for trusting our country’s business prospects.” – Pavel Filip, Moldpress, 6 January 2018.

“We have economic growth of 3.5-4 per cent estimated for this year. According to data for the first half of the year, the investments have increased by 2.5 per cent; for the January-October period, we have an 18-per cent growth of the budgetary revenues. The tax system recorded incomes by 2.3 billion lei more in the last ten months, i. e. by 25 per cent more against the same period of the last year. As for the business environment, we have cut the number of authorizations, permits and licences by about 60 per cent and we reduced thrice the number of entities with control duties, from 58 to 8. We continued backing small entrepreneurs through programmes of the type PARE 1+1. PNAET, Credits Guaranteeing Account, Women in Business programme. At the same time, we enhanced the attractiveness of the Free Economic Zones. The very good institutional relation with IMF allowed us restructuring the banking sector and strengthening the foundations of economic growth.” –  Pavel Filip, Moldpress, 6 January 2018.

“None of the donors even wanted to hear about Moldova after bad things that have happened here. And here, step by step, we have managed to regain confidence before development partners. I am talking about international financial institutions. Moldova now has a program with the International Monetary Fund. The assessment report was approved and our country got the next installment worth 22.2 million dollars. This makes me very happy.” – Pavel Filip, Moldpress, 2 January 2018.

“Therefore I said that it is more important to me not what political opponents or opposition critics say. It is important what financial institutions say about us, such as the IMF or the World Bank. Therefore, I suggest to those who only come with criticism to read the IMF press release. In relation to the EU, I am very glad we managed to sign the macrofinancial assistance agreement.  By the way, we have already made the first ten conditions, which would mean we are eligible to get the first installment of macro-financial assistance. I hope this will happen in the first three months of 2018.” – Pavel Filip, Moldpress, 2 January 2018.

“At the same time, the direct budget support is still 36 million euros. Although we expected 21 million to evaluate four programs, the EU went on a higher amount because it assessed five programs. This direct budget support is called so because they money comes directly to the state budget and is used for public investment and general social investment.” – Pavel Filip, Moldpress, 2 January 2018.

“[Referring to cabinet’s priority projects for 2018] In this respect, we have earmarked important sums from the budget; yet, there are financial sources provided also by foreign financers; more than 2.4 billion lei will be invested in the repair and development of roads’ infrastructure. Another priority subject remains the education sector. We will try to have an assessment of everything which is happening in the education system of Moldova and to improve things. And, certainly, another priority is justice. The reforms in justice will continue, so that, in the end, we are able to speak about a true supremacy of law in our country.” – Pavel Filip, Moldpress, 2 January 2018.

“Of all analyses we had, a thing which prompts young people to leave abroad is the lack of hope to have a dwelling or to have capacity to buy a dwelling in Moldova. Therefore, we have backed this programme very much. At the same time, in 2018, we will initiate the First Home 2 project, where we will identify categories of people who will have more facilities when purchasing a dwelling” – Pavel Filip, Moldpress, 2 January 2018.

“This is, in my mind, a very good draft, as it represents an increase to the salary and is convenient for the employer, as he/she does not pay taxes for this supplement, on the one hand. On the other hand, it is welcome for the employee as well, given that it can be used as supplement only for food products, which means that we take care that our citizens be nourished in time, soundly and thus, we will have a healthy nation.” – Pavel Filip, Moldpress, 2 January 2018.

“We’re at the end of 2017, the year everyone has worked hard and built as much as possible, sometimes with smaller paws, sometimes with important leaps. We learned from success and mistakes. The results can be seen now which drives us to move forward, to continually improve our work, to change attitudes and mentality, and to contribute to the modernization of the country. I hope that 2018 will be a year of success, for Moldova as well as for each of us. Have a happy new year with peace and great health. Happy New Year!” – Pavel Filip, Publika, 31 December 2017.

“It is not the obligation and competence of the government, it is the responsibility of the local authorities, therefore we intervene when there is an emergency, after which the local authorities must clarify. If we make a joint effort, we manage to clean up, and then get into the normal working regime.” – Pavel Filip, Moldpres, 28 December 2017.

“These results are due to the reforms started in early 2016. You have higher salaries, we can equip you with equipment, and the revenues to the state budget have increased. Beyond that, you have had investments made by our development partners. All these things are successful.” –Pavel Filip, Moldpres, 26 December 2017.