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Rex Tillerson Quotes

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

“I’ve never questioned his mental fitness. I have no reason to question his mental fitness.” – Rex Tillerson, Washington Examiner, 5 January 2018.

“For decades, the United States has stood with the people of Myanmar in their pursuit of peace, freedom, and justice. We remain committed to helping advance Myanmar’s democratic transition, and continue to support the civilian government in efforts to end decades of conflict; strengthen respect for human rights, transparency, and rule of law; and foster inclusive economic development. At the same time, we urge authorities to take further steps to ensure everyone has full and equal access to the opportunities and the benefits of a democratic society.” – Rex Tillerson,, 2 January 2018.

“Pakistan must contribute by combating terrorist groups on its own soil. We are prepared to partner with Pakistan to defeat terror organisations seeking safe havens, but Pakistan must demonstrate its desire to partner with us.” – Rex Tillerson, New York Times, 27 December 2017.

“China’s rise as an economic and military power,” he writes, “requires Washington and Beijing to consider carefully how to manage our relationship for the next 50 years.” – Rex Tillerson, New York Times, 27 December 2017.

“While we are on guard against Russian aggression, we recognize the need to work with Russia where mutual interests intersect. Nowhere is that more evident than in Syria. Now that President Vladimir Putin has committed to the United Nations-backed Geneva political process for providing a new future for Syria, we expect Russia to follow through. We are confident that the fulfillment of these talks will produce a Syria that is free of Bashar al-Assad and his family.” – Rex Tillerson, The New York Times, 27 December 2017.

“In spite of the challenges, I remain optimistic about the power of diplomacy to resolve conflicts and advance American interests.” – Rex Tillerson, The New York Times, 27 December 2017.

“We want to work with Pakistan to stamp out terrorism within their boundaries as well, but Pakistan has to begin the process of changing its relationship with the Haqqani Network and with others.” – Rex Tillerson, The Economic Times, 13 December 2017.

“It serves no purpose for Ukraine to fight for its body in Donbas if it loses its soul to corruption. Anti-corruption institutions must be supported, resourced, and defended.” – Rex Tillerson,, 4 December 2017.

“We have watched the activities and actions of others in the region, particularly China, and the financing mechanisms it brings to many of these countries, which result in saddling them with enormous levels of debt. … This is not a structure that supports the future growth of these countries.” – Rex Tillerson, Breitbart, 19 October 2017.