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Ted Cruz Quotes

Ted Cruz Quotes on executive order denying asylum to illegal immigrants

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

US Senator Ted Cruz commented on Donald Trump’s executive order denying asylum to illegal immigrants.

Below are some of Ted Cruz’s quotes on the matter.

“…as I said on the executive order on immigration I have not studied that or yet, it just came out this week. You know, I have to admit I was kind of busy we had an election a couple of days ago. And so I have not yet reviewed the executive order, and I try on legal decisions, my career has been being a constitutional litigator, so I don’t reach constitutional opinions lightly.” – Ted Cruz, CBS News, 11 November 2018

“If the order defies the laws of Congress then, yes it’s unconstitutional. If the order constrains and directs how the executive will implement the law then it’s not.  Now my understanding is this executive order does things directing resources to the border. Those resources are clearly within the purview of an executive order for the president.” – Ted Cruz, Newsmax, 11 November 2018