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Theresa May Quotes

Theresa May Quotes supporting land reform in Ramaphosa’s South Africa

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2018)

British PM Theresa May addressed inquiries from Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen in Parliament, on the contentious topic of land reform in South Africa.

Below are some of Theresa May’s quotes on the matter.

“I recognize the concern that he [Bridgen] has expressed about this issue. The question of land reform was one that I had raised with President Ramaphosa when I visited South Africa in August.” – Theresa May, SA Breaking News, 19 December 2018

“We recognize the concern there is and the need there is for land reform. President Ramaphosa has consistently stated that violent and illegal land seizures will not be tolerated.” – Theresa May, SA Breaking News, 19 December 2018

“He has also consistently said that the process should be orderly, within South African laws, and take into consideration both the social and economic impact. We want to see a process that is fair and process that, while it recognizes the need to deliver on the land reform, does that in a way that is fair to all South African citizens.” – Theresa May, Sputnik, 19 December 2018