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Theresa May Quotes

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

“We must continue to secure the positive outcome for Northern Ireland to which we have already made such progress in our Brexit negotiations.” – Theresa May, Bloomberg, 8 January 2018.

“Damian Green’s departure before Christmas means that some changes do have to be made, and I will be making some changes.” – The Guardian, 8 January 2018.

“I very much look forward to working alongside you again when you [Northern Ireland Secretary of State James Brokenshire ] are back to full health.” – Theresa May, United Press International, 8 January 2018.

“But of course nothing’s perfect and there is more for us to do… For every pound that somebody pays on a ticket in the railways, 97p of that goes back into investment in the railways.” – Theresa May, BBC News, 7 January 2018.

“Most people just want the government to get on and deliver a good Brexit, and that’s exactly what we are doing.” – Theresa May, BBC News, 31 December 2017.

”Of course any year brings its challenges – that is true for each of us personally, as much as for our country and the world. But the real test is not whether challenges come; it’s how you face them. Whether you allow a task to overcome you, or tackle it head on with purpose and resolve.” – Theresa May, Independent, 31 December 2017.

“I believe 2018 can be a year of renewed confidence and pride in our country. A year in which we continue to make good progress towards a successful Brexit deal, an economy that’s fit for the future, and a stronger and fairer society for everyone.” – Theresa May, Independent, 31 December 2017.

“I’m happy to confirm to my honourable friend we will be leaving the EU on March 29, 2019, and we will be negotiating a smooth and orderly process so that people can carry on living their lives conducting their business in the confidence of that and in the confidence of the future relationship we are going to negotiate with the EU.” – Theresa May, Clacton Gazette, 26 December 2017.

“There are still issues across the various matters that we are negotiating on.” – Theresa May, Outlook Afganistan, 26 November 2017.

“I’m not a quitter. I’m in this for the long term.” – Theresa May, The Guardian, 30 August 2017.