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Tzipi Hotovely Quotes

(Last Updated On: September 25, 2018)

“What is really counterproductive is the role of UNRWA in perpetuating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict… Back in the 1950s, there were 750,000 Palestinians registered as ‘refugees’. Now, almost 70 years after the war, we’re talking about five million peoples who are registered as ‘refugees’. This is a major failure of the organization which was supposed to resettle those people who lost a war that they started – of course, we’re speaking about their grandparents who started the War of Independence which they lost.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 18 January 2018.

“There is only one version of history. They started a war after not accepting the idea of the UN Partition Plan. We need to remember that.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 18 January 2018.

“The Foreign Ministry is very clear about its message: UNRWA should finish its role as an agency which perpetuates fake refugees… Foreign aid is something that every country should provide according to the needs of the population. We’re absolutely in favor of foreign aid. This is something that is important. Humanitarian aid is important…but you need to make a major distinction between foreign aid which can be delivered by different groups and organizations and the idea that those people are going to keep living a fantasy that they are refugees, because they are not. According to international law, there is no second and third generation to refugee status.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 18 January 2018.

“The White House is following American policy. We can tell you what the Israeli policy is: We think that UNRWA has finished its role. It should no longer be an agency that maintains the status of fake Palestinian refugees and maintains the fantasy that, with this status, they’re going to destroy the state of Israel.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 18 January 2018.

“In schools run by the United Nations and funded by well-intentioned but uninformed donor countries, Palestinian 8-year-olds are being indoctrinated to exterminate the Jews of Israel… There can be no hope for true peace negotiations while a new generation of Palestinians are actively being raised in a culture of hate and violence… Making funding by donor nations to UNRWA conditional on reforming the school curriculum is the responsible course of action and in the best interest of the children by educating for peace and raising a new generation that is hopeful for a better future.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Jewish Press, 9 January 2018.

“This is an outrage that we can’t let pass. The Finance Ministry has decided to carry out a targeted assassination of the foreign service, and at a time when Israel is expanding its foreign relations and the ministry needs an expanded budget.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Hamodia, 8 January 2018.

“This is a historic moment. … The Likud movement got together tonight in order to say that we would like to apply Israeli sovereignty on Judea and Samaria. This is as historic as was the bill applying Israeli law on the Golan Heights. This is the right moment to start doing the right political acts to promote this and this is the first step.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 1 January 2018.

“Everyone knows, and our prime minister said many times that we’re not going to make any peace arrangement that includes uprooting Jews or Arabs from their homes, so I think it’s very clear that all the communities in Judea and Samaria will always remain under Israeli sovereignty. It’s just a matter of the political act.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 1 January 2018.

“This is our time to create history. I think history was already made by President Trump declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I think we should follow [with this move].” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 1 January 2018.

“This week, US Ambassador Friedman called for the cessation of the use of the term occupied in regard to Judea and Samaria, and an important sports league such as the NBA should respect this view.” – Tzipi Hotovely, The Jerusalem Post, 28 December 2017.

“The term ‘occupation’ regarding lands which the Jewish people has had a connection to for thousands of years is adoption of Palestinian propoganda which does not reflect the international legal situation which confers clear rights to Israel in the region.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 28 December 2017.

“Channel 20 was a refreshing voice for many right-wing viewers. It cannot be silenced.”- Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 26 December 2017.

“We are in contact with at least ten countries, some of them in Europe [referring to the countries possibly willing to move their embassies to Jerusalem].” – Tzipi Hotovely, News Agency of Nigeria, 26 December 2017.

“Every country has a voice at the UN. Our relations are important and span all continents, from Latin America to Africa, which are emerging and growing markets, and we have years of investment in Asia. This is a new and refreshing political concept and every state is important. Beyond that, the United States is our great friend and the one who initiated the issue, so it makes me laugh to hear that people want ‘important countries’ after it is the United States who led the move.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 25 December 2017.

“I think the Americans have a lot of options in Jerusalem and they are examining them, and what is important is to speed up the process, not the location.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 25 December 2017.

“Loyalty to the rule of law is first and foremost respect for processes in a democratic society, not to judge before investigating the facts, and not to allow the manipulative spirit of the organizers of the demonstrations from the left to infiltrate the ranks of the nationalist camp.” – Tzipi Hotovely, Israel National News, 22 December 2017.