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Vladimir Putin Quotes

Vladimir Putin Quotes criticizing the original INF treaty

(Last Updated On: December 20, 2018)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the original 1987 INF Treaty (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty) between Russia and the United States, purporting that it was a unilateral agreement.

Below are some of Vladimir Putin’s quotes on the matter.

“Let me remind you that it [INF Treaty] was signed in 1987. I already said, in my opinion, maybe even to this audience, what did the signed agreement mean? It meant that medium and shorter range missiles were eliminated, and these are missiles from 500 kilometers [311 miles] to 5,000 kilometers.” – Vladimir Putin, UrduPoint, 18 December 2018

“Only God knows why did the leadership of the Soviet Union agree to this one-sided disarmament, but this was done, and our partners continued to develop such systems.” – Vladimir Putin, Express, 18 December 2018