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Ze’ev Elkin Quotes on the S-300 missile system in Syria

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2018)

Knesset Member Ze’ev Elkin expanded on the Israeli regime’s warning that they would not hesitate to hit Russia-manned S-300 missile defense launchers in Syria if they were to target warplanes from Tel Aviv.

Below are some of Ze’ev Elkin’s quotes on the matter.

“The Syrian military are not always capable of correctly using the hardware transferred to them. In case of improper operation, civilian aircrafts may be harmed.” – Ze’ev Elkin, Press TV, 5 November 2018

“Actions would undoubtedly take place, should [an attack] occur, against the launchers used to attack.” – Ze’ev Elkin,, 5 November 2018

“I hope greatly that there would be no Russian military specialists [at S-300 sites].” – Ze’ev Elkin,, 5 November 2018